Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Colori Naturali

At Calascio Designs, I am working on the Colore Naturali series. In an effort to become even more environmentally friendly, I am adding natural dyes to the line. A renewed interest in healthy living and a long time respect for nature prompts this change. In the past, I created sculpture using elements nature. Now, on to collaborate with nature to produce colors.

The above tank is dyed with rust and ready for summer. After wrapping and scrunching the shirt on an arashi shibori pole, I applied a rust dye mixture and let it set for days. During the seven days it set, I applied more rust and vinegar mixtures.

Here is a detail of the arashi shibori patterning.


Blogger Louisa said...

Summer? What's that? Seriously, that's a lovely top, Christina! I love rust colours. Guess I'm your first comment, huh? Keep blogging!

9:22 AM  

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